About “Ščodryca”

Folklore Ensemble “Shcordrytsa” was established in 1994. It is composed of students of higher educational establishments in Minsk. In the repertoire songs, music and dances of Central, Western and Southern regions of Belarus.

Ensemble revives the traditional Belarusian culture through the study and revival of ancient rituals on the calendar:Kaliada, Meeting of spring, the Pancake week, Kupala. Musicians use instruments traditional for the Belarus folklore: pipes, cymbals, a violin, an accordion, bagpipe, charotka, solomka, zaleyka.

Ansemble actively participates in national and international folklore festivals.

The team is the Winner of the I prize of the festival folk tvorchestva “Suzor’e-97″, winner of of the First Festival of Folk Art of Leninsky district of Minsk in 2007, winner of the regional festival of creative youth “Krokі – 2009″, winner of national contest dedicated to the 100th anniversary of birthday G. Titovich. Prize-winner of the international folklore festival “EUROFOLKLOR 2003″ Second Festival of the regional folklore “Voices of Pales” in Ivanovo in 2007, Diploma I degree of festival folk tvorchestva “Suzor’e-2009″, Winner of the IX International festival “Pіsnya without kardonіv” in Donetsk, Ukraine Republic.

The ensemble represented the Belarus folklore at the international festivals in Russia, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Italia.

In 2008, the folklore ensemble “Shcordrytsa” was awarded the title People’s ensemble folk songs and music.

The art director and the chorus master – Vakulchyk Irina.

The musical headBagutskiy Sergey.

The concertmaster Zhigal’skii Igor.

The choreographer of the ensemble – Associate Professor of Choreography of the Belarusian University of Culture and Arts Shilkina Elena.

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