Rich in talent “Shchodrytsa”

December 11, 2012

The concert begins, the scene appears a girl who is going to the fair. Sounds of music, and artists descend into the room with a basket full of sweet gifts for the children. That’s of course we were in a generous atmosphere of beautiful songs and human kindness.Rich in talent “Shchodrytsa”

In Uzda boarding school became a tradition to organize Christmas meeting with top representatives of the Belarusian art. Today in our country there are many groups of folk music and songs, there is a competition for viewers and listeners. And the team need to try hard to become visible, recognizable and keep the highest level of performance.

I think, today, few have a strong beautiful voice, you need to have something to cling to. “Shchodrytsa” is just the team that is remembered. The concert program is an integral unity of music, song, dance, theatrical, popular jokes. And so talented, beautiful, authentic!

Pupils find it useful to meet with “Shchodrytsay” to hear a professional performance calendar ritual, family, household, lyrical and humorous songs Belarusians. Hear and understand what we, Belarusians – talented and creative people. Perhaps because of just such moments, and begins patriotic education …

“Shchodrytsa” – that the team who will present on any holiday joy and good cheer, because all these people are from the heart, a generous human serdtsa.

Natalya Trigubovich

11.12.2012, Category: Cultural Life, Event

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